"Nothing is so powerful as an insight into human nature”

— Bill Bernbach


Who we are

The Insight Job is a Scandinavia-based consumer exploration and brand strategy consultancy. We help companies and their advertising agencies create Leaps by uncovering their customers deepest needs, fears and changing desires, and developing the right strategies to meet them.


What we do


Clients who ask us to Discover & Define the mechanics behind their brand challenges often sense an opportunity and need us to bring clarity to what is informing peoples lives and behaviors.

Most of our clients continue their journey with our strategic expertise by their side.

With a clarity from Discover & Define we frame the opportunities available, prototype, test and iterate until we reach nirvana. Or the most impactful solution available.

As we and our clients have gotten down how we're doing what needs the doing, and we've developed the doing, we get it did.


Insight Stories